Upgrading Your Computer

Anything can be Upgraded!

Often it's better to upgrade your existing computer rather than replacing it completely. You can do anything from simple upgrades of RAM (system memory) to get slightly better performance, bigger hard drives for more storage space, right through to full system upgrades that will replace everything apart from your monitor and keyboard.
The biggest advantage of upgrading your system is that you can keep your operating system (usually Windows XP or Windows Vista) which will save you some money.

Making Your Computer Faster

The main reason for needing to upgrade a computer is speed, or lack or speed to be precise! As new computers get faster it encourages software developers to write programs that use more processor power, RAM and hard drive space - the end result is that older computers get slower and slower. Add that to the fact that computers generally run slower over time as you install more programs, visit more websites, etc.

Another huge issue that can cause computers to run slower is unfortunately only too common these days - that is computer Viruses, Spyware and Adware which all take up system memory and processor power. Many of these nasty programs dig themselves in deep and can't be seen but certainly do cause performance issues, and often a notable improvement in computer performance can be found by having the computer professionally cleaned of any Virus and Spyware infections.

Virus & Spyware information

Hard Drive ... to Upgrade or not to Upgrade?

We can upgrade your hard drive to a bigger and/or faster item by producing an exact copy of your existing drive on the new drive, then doing a clean-up or optimisation so your computer will appear exactly the same but working faster.

It's possible to do a quick hard drive upgrade with ghost/clone software available on the Internet, however to do it properly we would remove all old unnecessary drivers and optimise the Windows installation to ensure it works as well as possible.

Many customers who are happy with the current hard drive size (eg. those who have plenty of storage space still) may choose to upgrade other parts for faster performance while keeping the existing hard drive, again this can be done quickly without too much effort but we always suggest that it's done properly in order to get the best performance possible from your new hardware.

When upgrading other hardware but keeping the existing hard drive it's best to remove the redundant drivers properly - this will avoid loading files for hardware that is no longer installed!

Upgrade Packages

Individual component upgrades can cost anything from around $30 for a basic RAM upgrade, around $75 upwards for hard drive upgrades, etc.

Basic system upgrade packages include new motherboard, CPU and RAM ... prices start from around $200 for these packages.

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Often it's better to upgrade your existing computer rather than replacing it completely. We have plenty of upgrade options available for all budgets.

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